Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ATI Introduces Ultra High End FirePro V9800 Graphics Card

.As summer winds down, the professional graphics market, it appears, is just starting to heat up. About a month ago, we tested the Fermi based Quadro 6000 and 5000 graphics cards from NVIDIA. Although they were a few months late to the party, our results revealed the Quadro models held a measurable performance advantage over ATI's then flagship product, the FirePro V8800. But as expected, the red team has stepped their game up by offering a new workstation card that looks to close the gap while offering multi-monitor support that NVIDIA can't match currently.

The FirePro V9800 offers similar features found in the V8800: Cypress GPU, 1600 stream processors, 147.2 GB/s memory bandwidth. The difference here is a larger, 4GB memory buffer, six DisplayPort connections, and a higher price tag. At $3,499, it costs over twice as much as the V8800, targeting workstation users that demand the highest level of performance possible with no compromises. 


  1. Damn, that thing is huge. I bet it'd still fit in my case though, I took out the Hard Drive bay so I could fit both 9800GTX's so I've got a good foot and a half for cards. :)

  2. wow. that is one hefty price tag. Awesome specs though,, lol.

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  3. If I had that much money to blow on GPUs, I'd just link a bunch of GTX 260s together :X

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