Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 Video Card Info Released Early

NVIDIA has prematurely announced their GeForce GT 420 video card by accidentally listing the video card on their website in what was apparently a web editing snafu. By doing this the company has confirmed the rumors of an entry-level GeForce 400 series for what would look like OEM desktop computers. The GeForce GT 420 is a DirectX 11 card with 48 stream processors and 2GB of DDR3 900MHz memory. The graphics core clock operated at 700MHz with the 48 shaders (CUDA Cores) running at 1400MHz. The GeForce GT 420 is a single-slot card that is just 5.7" in length and stands at a mere 2.7" tall with what looks like no additional power connectors on the board. This makes sense as the card has a max power draw of just 50W. No word on pricing yet.
NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 video card

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