Monday, September 6, 2010

Secret Cinema: Lawrence of Arabia Windows Phone 7 Trailer

 good indicator that a product is getting ready to launch? You start seeing advertisements for it. In the case of this brand new Windows Phone 7 advertisement, you might notice that it’s a bit quiet. And, it’s missing any semblance of “information” about the particular product. But, when the ad is being showcased in front of Lawrence of Arabia, and it’s supposed to be a theme ad, then it will probably start to make sense.
The ad does show a Windows Phone 7 device, but we’ll point out here that it’s just a render. On top of that, the first thing the phone tell us, in delicate handwriting, is that the revolution is coming. There’s probably a few people out there that would love to say the revolution is indeed coming, but that Windows Phone 7 has nothing to do with that. Then there’d be the others that believe this revolution is meant for Microsoft internally, and not the phone market in general. It’s anyone’s guess, but we imagine that Microsoft is certainly aiming high.
Check out the ad below in all its silent (save for some music) glory. You’ll get to see the Windows Phone 7 home screen again, just as we’ve seen plenty of times before, but that’s not a bad thing, right?


  1. its great, im getting a windows phone 7 device on launch day.

    Cant fucken wait. this is just a random trailer. Microsoft is going to spend 400 mill on ads.