Saturday, September 4, 2010

MSI Launches A Very Overclocking Friendly GeForce N460GTX Hawk Video Card

MSI recently launched the brand new NVIDIA GeForce N460GTX Hawk, which is a GeForce GTX 460 video card that is aimed at the enthusiast community and overclockers. MSI also says it is the world's first graphic card with triple overvoltage function supporting core voltage, memory voltage and PLL voltage adjustments, the N460GTX Hawk is also the only model on the market that has successfully achieved 1GHz under air-cooling during overclocking. Also, the design tradition of the Hawk series continues on the GTX460 GPU, including 7+1 PWM power design, V-Check Points, APS (active phase switching), Twin Frozr II dual-fan thermal design, and military class components, to deliver unrivaled performance in thermal solution, power supply, stability, noise reduction and performance.

MSI N460GTX Hawk Video Card

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  1. That card looks bad ass!!

    How much does it cost?